Strange report behavior in Tryton 6.0

We recently migrated Tryton from 5.4 to 6.0.

After editing a report template (ods file) we don’t see our changes in the generated report. After restarting Trytond we begin to see them. In Tryton 5.4 new changes in the report template are immediately visible in the generated report (without restarting Trytond).

What could be wrong with Tryton 6.0?

This is due to the improvement of Issue 6489: Do not use relatorio template loader - Tryton issue tracker
If you want to have auto-reload of the reports when changed on the filesystem, you must run trytond with --dev mode.

Run trytond and tryton in --dev mode.
We don’t see reports automatically reloading.

It works only when running with the development server of werkzeug and for the report extension defined in bin/trytond.

OK, it works. But there is another problem.

If we rename a report template and forget to change this name in the py file then report is generated despite the fact that required template file is not available. After restarting trytond a message appears stating that the template file is missing. Again, in Tryton 5.4 the message about the absence of the template file is displayed immediately (without restarting trytond).

Yeps this does not work the same any more but it is not a problem.

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