Strange behaviour regarding taxes in sales


we are using tryton 5.0 and the sale module. All is configured well and we are working with ca. 10 employees on the platform.

Now, we have one employee who create a sale and sometimes - not regular and not reproducable - the taxes for one sale line will not be calculated.

I know, this sounds very strange and not logical, but actual I have no more ideas, why the taxes are not calculated. Perhaps, you will have any hints, how I can get deeper inside this problem.

Thank you and best regards,

Is he linked to a company?

Yes, User, Employee are both linked to the company.

But I have one more information now: If the user has the problem and opens the corresponding category to see, if the taxes are not assigned, he see other values activated then me. For me, the categories are maintainend correctly ( supplier and customer taxes are taken from the parent category and there, the taxes are selected out of the tax-rules defined in accounting ).

Could it be that there are some caching issues? Authority may be correctly, because it is not every product - it is only on some days and on different products :frowning:

Next step, I will try to enhance logging code for the sale module, so every change on sale line will be displayed. Maybe I can see something more…

What does it see instead of what?

Sorry for the delay. The user has seen “empty” ( default ) values.
I compared the coding of and our implementation and saw, that we had different depends-declarations:


and from the standard module:


We changed our depends list, tested it and are trying it now on productive system. Due to the fact, that there is no reproducability, I am actual not 100% sure, this is the solution.

Depends are cumulative which means that are computed by adding the dependencies of your module function to the parent module function. So the resulting function (the one with all the inheritance applied) will depends on the union of all dependency fields.

So I don’t think this will be the cause of the issue.