Storing serial number, firmware version, etc. for individual products

I would like to manage individual items in the stock with properties like serial number, firmware version, calibration, etc.

Imagine a company manufacturing some kind of sensoring device; if the company manufactures 3 devices, each device will have a different serial number. And if during a service operation one device gets an updated firmware, it would be good to store this information, too.

My understanding is that I can create a stock lot for a product with a quantity of 1 and use the serial as the lot number. However, it does not seem to be possible to assign additional fields to a lot, e.g. “software version”, “calibration result”, etc.

I guess an alternative would be to create a new product variant for each individual device, but would this be the “correct” approach?

I guess we could have a module Product Stock Lot Attribute like the Product Attribute Module but to store attributes on the lots.

It depends if for you each devices are different or not.
Any item of the same product in Tryton is considered as interchangeable with another item of the same product.

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Thank you very much for that sentence, that is something I didn’t really understand until now.

For my case, I consider the devices to be different in that sense that each of them needs to be calibrated differently. I will try to go with using different variants and see how well that goes.

For me it makes sense only if in your stock they are different.
I have the feeling that this is just a configuration made after-sale.
Otherwise you will need to create a variant for each unit purchased.

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In my/our case, the units are manufactured, not purchased and each unit has for example different calibration settings; I would like to store these information in Tryton instead of some Excel file, so maybe I could even create individual reports / calibration certificates for each device (that is something I don’t want to do now, but maybe in the future).