Stop a production order after it started


It may be necessary to stop a production order after it has been released and put the consumed components back into stock (the destination location may be different).


Add a ‘Stopping’ state which will cancel the outgoing movements of products (outputs) and prepare the return movements of components (draft state). Switching to this state should also end current cycles and cancel future work orders.
After checking the reintegration movements, click on the ‘Done’ button, performs the reintegration movements and terminates the production order
Add a ‘Stop’ button which will switch the production order to the ‘Stopping’ state.

What did you think ?

I do not think we can automate what are the products that could be returned to the storage, what will be scrap etc. And neither what kind of product it is like partial parts, untouched input etc.
For me it is just a production that is finished but did not produce the expected result but something else.
For the record, the production keeps the same cost price for the product that are in the input and the output (so unchanged).