Stock quantity is empty

:wave: hello, i just find out that all my stock location quantity under the location tab is empty, i dont know what may cause this but on my stock moves i can see the quantity and description. I try to check from product page and using the relate button to view the quantity. All i got is an empty page

Note i had stock before today

Maybe your user is not in the right company.
Or check if there are no error on the client or server side.

I dont get any error from the server or client side has the tabel open just that it show empty stock, i would have a look at the company information and see what may casue it, but i noticed that when i try to puchase, after clicking the last button which should move the puchase product to shipment, it is not moving it to shipment. I then try to use internal shipment and found out that the moment i click on done the product quantity move back to zero

What exactly changes after?
Do you have any stock moves?
Is the actual company of your login user correct?

I cant say what changed maybe someone chnaged a permission but i have gine over the permission and all are same.

Yes i have stock moves eg the stock moves table show that their are stick moves.
Now i check the user details and find out its still on same company.

Right now i cant point to anything.

I try to disable the modules and reenable still same.

I even had to look at the database of stock moves and find out that its all in the database, but i cant get it to display on stock location quantity

When you have stock moves, then there must be quantities some where in some of the locations at some date.
Maybe play with the At Date and remove it?
Another idea could be that you use Lots or serial numbers for your products.
When you open one of the products relate actions with stock, is there shown anything?
E.g. Stock moves by warehouse, to determine if the product is moved. If there are results, have a look at locations list quantity, locations tree quantity or lots by warehouse.

When i relate from the relate button nothing show but on moves i can see the product name and details from and to in the stock location

I just noticed this if i try to do a purchase after completing the puchase which is to create an invoice and also a shipment, its not creating the shipment at all

so what is shown when you pick a move with product and date (fill At Date in the relate) and show the products relate action locations list quantity, locations tree quantity or lots by warehouse?
Vice versa on a stock location you also can show the products and quantities at a date.

Adding a screenshot from the list of stock moves showing state, from and to location, product, quantity, planned and effective date could be helpful …

This is Ok. You create the shipment-in manually when the parcel arrives. Add a shipment, choose the supplier, in the Incoming Moves you use the [+] and [-] buttons, which show the expected product and quantities.

When i do internal shipment the product stock move to 0 when i click done

What do i need to do now i dont understand again

AFAIU we are searching where your products are. In stock products are shown when they have a stock quantity unequal to zero. The calculation of the stock quantity in Tryton is the sum of all stock moves in a location minus the sum of all stock moves out of the location, for moves lesser equal then a specific date.

When you have stock moves of products with quantities > 0, then there must be a quantity of the product in some location at a time.

  • Select a product which is used in a stock move
  • Open relate “Locations tree Quantity”
  • fill the effective date from stock move in the field “At Date” of the result, refresh
  • play with a day before, after this date always refresh.

The result shows the locations and quantities of the product at this date.

  • Open inventory & stock / locations / locations
  • Select all locations
  • Click relate “Products by Locations”

The result shows the quantity of each Product in any location.

I went to product and search for product then i select it, then select realate to locations list quantity and location tree quantity all gave nothing on the tab of the stock.

Then i went to try the inventory and stock/locations/locations and i highlighted all and then relate to product by locations all still same i am still on version 5.0.34 server

I have done the at date stuff and its nothing to display, the only issue i ahve is on the moves i see the quantity move from one location to another, to view the total by location its not showing i may have tampered with a permission i dont know

go to your user preferences and add all groups, re-login and look if it works.

Here it would be good if you think and ask you colleagues what changed in between. And is it possible that your stock is simply empty?

Anyway I am running out of ideas.