Stock Moves in the future

I wanted to start a little discussion: It is factually correct that a stock.move is not done in the future. Therefore, the warning of an effective date in the future is correct.
But now to the always stubborn practice: In our company it often happens that an employee in the late shift finishes all the papers that a driver needs in order to deliver in the ungodly early morning.
Would it be conceivable to include a setting for when the future begins for a particular company? At the moment, unfortunately, the inner method in_future() cannot be accessed well - making it a class method would actually be enough.

Why not just leaving the shipment as packed (so all the documents are ready) and then finish the shipments in the future? That shold be enougth to avoid the warning.

If that does not work for you, you can create some custom code that creates a record in res.user.warning with the same name as that the shipment will generate. That will skip the warning for the user.


The truck is loaded, the papers are printed out - mentally the delivery is completed. The office team goes home, the driver arrives a few hours later (the next day). As I said - this is definitely not a generic problem.
I didn’t even think of the UserWarning idea. So it was worth asking after all :slight_smile:

This is what I do and it works well for me.
I pack the shipment (both physically and in tryton), print the delivery note and put it in a clipboard so that the driver who picks up can sign it.

If I do the delivery I take the signed paper and click done on the shipment right away, otherwise I click done once I file the signed delivery note.