Stock movements with serial numbers

How do I have to do so that when I make a purchase or make a sale of a product that has a serial number, it asks me for it in both cases?

You must set it as lot required and use stock_lot_unit module to force the usage of the lot as serial number

Of course Sergi, that’s what I’ve tried.

I have the module installed and I have said in the product:

  • Mandatory Lot: Customer, Supplier
  • Lot UDM: Unit

But even having this when making a purchase, for example, it does not ask me for the serial number. I understand that something else must be missing for this to work.

Of course, the purchase and the sale module will never ask for a lot number.
When you are ordering a product you do not know which serial number will be sent/received.

Lots and serial numbers are introduced in shipments when the goods are sent/received.

If you want to keep the full traceability of the lots, I will recomend you to make the lot required for all location types.

Sergi, if I want to submit a supplier invoice that includes the serial numbers, how should I proceed to do it correctly?

There si a relation between stock moves (where the serials are stored) and the invoice lines. That can be used to link the invoices with the serial numbers.