Stock location move module only allow transfer within parent location


Regarding the module stock location move, may I know why there is domain which prevent it move outside parent location?

If this location work like a pallete, in normal case it should allow to move within location. Such as , from storage to output location before delivery

Best regatds

As explained on the module documentation, an internal shipment should be used to move a location into another storage location. This is because we want to prevent two users trying to move the same location.

Which domain are you talking about? I just see a domain that forces the location to be in the from location.

Hi @pokoli,

sorry for late reply, finally I had tested. If the location is setting to “Flat location”. the moveable location is not workable, due to the domain restriction.

I had disable the “Flat Children” on the location and moveable location in internal transfer is working.

My question, how to get the product data in this moveable location?
I tried using “product by location” however, it show no result.

Please advice

Internal Shipment

Products By Location

Could you be more precise about that?
I see nothing about flat locations in stock_location_move.

Hi @ced,

In the internal transfer, where “to location” is flat location. So the location is cannot be used due to domain constraints due to flat children’s location is not allow to have children.

However, how could I to see the stock in the location move?

OK so this is perfectly normal if you use a flat location you cannot create children location.