Stock consumption products

A location cannot be inactive if is not empty. The problem is that the products that there are in locations are also consumption products.

On the other hand, the inventory process only takes “Goods” products.

If I want to deactivate a location where I have consumption products in there I cannot empty them with inventory process. How should I do it if I don’t want to do movements for each product?

Hi Natalia,

I think you found a bug. Consumable products should be ignored when inactivating a location.

Could you please fill a bug on our tracker? Thanks

Just so you are aware, although the inventory process normally ignores consumable products, it is possible to manually add consumable products to an inventory. This would then let you zero them out so you can deactivate the location.

However, this still involves adding each of them to the inventory - one by one. Which is probably not much quicker than creating moves for each product.

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For the record Issue 10964: Consumable products should be ignored when inactivating a location - Tryton issue tracker

Emtpying a locstion can be easly done in two steps:

  1. Create an inventory and click the complete button
  2. Confirm the invetory without entering any values but using the “Empty” value for empty quantity.

This is an easy way to fix the issue

I think you still need to manually add the consumable products to the inventory though, because the complete button doesn’t automatically add them? modules/stock: 1343378958ef

You’re absolutly right. Consumable products should be added manually. We can just leave the quantity as blank which will speed up the encoding a little bit.

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