Stock consignment contract/agreement


I read carefully the discuss about stock consignment: Stock consignment
I understand there’s no sales, just internal shipments between customer stock shipment and customer location that create invoice lines…

Just wondering how to deal the original “contract/agreement” with the customer in Tryton? Is there a specific sale without shipment that could define how the stock consignment should be managed ? (conditions of payment, incoterms, packaging, quantities, delay, …) ?

Thanks for help about that.

Why do you need to have a stored contract?
Consignment are sent through normal sale and they may return or not.

I thought there was no sale with a consignment.

So I create a sale without invoice when customer is asking for a stock consignment? How to prevent shipment? I think i missed something in the workflow.(as stock consignment description said all moves are internal shipments: from storage zone to consigned stock for the initial move and then from consigned stock to customer location each time customer is asking for products. Don’t know how to deal this with sale ?

Oops forget what I said, I confused with something else.

Indeed there is no sale nor purchase but just stock moved.
I do not think we need any extra document as consignment is based on what the other party declare.
The only point that could be improved is the computation of the price which should be integrated with the price list.

But there could be a “document” (or anything else) fixing the deal with the customer (quantities, delay of consignment, …) Just doing an internal shipment for the initial move seems not enough, customer could say we made a mistake or telling us he didn’t ask anything…

Could this initial move be done with a sale without invoice and shipment will be done directly to the consigned stock of the party instead of the customer location ? (in this case, we have an “agreement” with the customer) So, could we imagine allowing to edit shipment outgoing moves to select consignment stock (with a domain on customer, children of customer location) instead of “Customer” location in the “To Location” of the outgoing move ?

No because it is not a sale.

For me this is way too complex when all we need is an internal shipment because this is what it is we move products between 2 storage locations owned by the company.

Internal shipment for initial stock deposit is not enough. We miss a written agreement with the customer describing what should be done (quantity, product, delay, …). Maybe it’s not a sale but there should be a “document” that will initiate the transaction (and a report that could be sent to the customer to confirm the stock consignment). After that, the described process is ok (consuming stock with internal shipments and creating invoice lines).

I do not see why the interna shipment is not enough.

  • Internal Shipments are not managed by Sales People
  • There’s no document with internal shipment to send a confirmation to the customer for the initial shipment into the consigned stock
  • We miss some relevant information with internal shipment that should be confirmed by the customer before doing the stock consignment (a confirmation document with some conditions the customer should approve)

OK why not but this can not be a sale, it must be a new kind of model.

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I think you should first create a blueprint which describe such new model and its workflow;

Ok. Could it be in the same discuss ?

Yes, blueprints are writen in the Feature Category