Standards compliant address formats

Anybody working on a standards compliant addressing format [extension]?
(EN 14-472/UPU S42 or, for example, in France NF Z 10-011)

Not sure to understand what are you looking for but Tryton formats the address using the format of the country. By default it loads the default formats for some companies.

So it seems like something already supported.

Well, for France, tryton proposes:

${ZIP} ${CITY}

But the standard in France is (for physical persons):

  1. Civilité - Titre ou Qualité - Prénom - Nom
  2. N°APP ou Bal - étage - Couloir - Esc
  3. Entrée - Bâtiment - Immeuble - Résidence
  4. Numéro - Libellé de la voie
  5. Lieu dit ou Service particulier de distribution
  6. Code postal et Localité de destination(ou Code Cedex et Libellé Cedex)
  7. Pays [pour international]

and for legal/corporate entities:

  1. raison sociale ou dénomination
  2. identité du destinataire et ou service
  3. Entrée - Bâtiment - Immeuble - Rés - ZI
  4. Numéro - Libellé de la voie
  5. mention spéciale et commune géographique
  6. Code postal et Localité de destination (ou Code Cedex et Libellé Cedex)
  7. Pays [pour international]

Empty lines can (and should) be suppressed as well as at least line 6 should be capitalised.
The max length of each address line is 38 characters, which is the UPU/EU standard length too.
Each line should be left aligned.
BTW, the French postal service recommends that lines 4 onward be capitalised, and void of punctuation marks, italicising and underlining in order to facilitate optical recognition…

Geo-postal addresses are particularly difficult in tryton currently as there is no real separation for physical addresses and postal addresses (with PO Box at least) with one address record.

For instance, line 5 is “PO Box NNNNN ${CITY}”
and line 6 contains the zip code and distribution center label for the PO box, which is not necessarily the same as ${CITY}.

examples by country can be found

But tryton does not distinguish between physical persons and corporate entities.

Indeed Tryton fully support those formats. Nothing to do, thanks.

? Sure it does.
It’s the SIREN (for the legal entity) and SIRETs for the registered addresses found in the module party_siret.