Stalled simpleeval maintenance

simpleeval is a Python package that is used in many Tryton’s modules. It is mainly to permit to evaluate Python expression from the user in a restricted environment.
We started to have problem with the lack of recent release like Issue 10763: NameError: name 'unicode' is not defined - Tryton issue tracker and indeed there are a community of user behind the project that submit fixes: Pull requests · danthedeckie/simpleeval · GitHub.
But they do not land in a release and it is about 9 months since a release is waiting Release plan · Issue #83 · danthedeckie/simpleeval · GitHub
I’m wondering if we should not propose our help or support to get a better maintenance of this important package.

Indeed someone already proposed the tryton project as maintainers but we had no reply so far.

It seems the projet is someway abandoned so we may consider also adopting it as part of our project.

I think we must try to contact directly the owner to get a clear answer. Also if he wants to give it to us, we could have the package ownership transferred to us and limit the inconvenient.

Ok, I will drop him an email and comment back with the replies.

I wrote him an email, we will see how it goes.

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Thanks. I will not drop him any until you comment back

I got a very friendly answer today from the maintainer. He is willing to accept help for the ongoing maintenance of simpleeval.

To bring things forward I would like to be reassured about the scope the Tryton project wants to offer.

  • Would the Tryton project take over maintenance of simpleeval?
  • Would the Tryton project also participate in co-maintenance of simpleeval if the maintainer doesn’t want ot hand over the project?

Please let me know your thoughts.

We are interested on both options as we want to keep the simpleeval library active. So if the current maintainer wants to transfer the full project we may adopt it directly or if the maintainer wants just some help we may offer that also.

I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to invite him to this discussion so he can explain what he prefers the most.

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For me taking the full maintenance of the project was an option in case the current maintainer abandon the project.
I think it is preferable that the project stay as-is if possible. But some people from Tryton could propose their help to the project to build a team of maintainers.

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Thank you for the reply. I will forward this thread to Daniel, best would probably be to evaluate directly options at Release plan · Issue #83 · danthedeckie/simpleeval · GitHub .