Sponsoring Record Creation Helper


B2CK would like to implement Record Creation Helper. This includes the Mixin and support in both clients and the implementation of creating party from VAT number using VIES.


We fixed the effort to 3 days of development with the goal to be included in 7.0 series.
So for B2CK this means a budget of 2000€ (without VAT).
The budget will be divided in equal parts between the contributors.
Contributors may add an upper limit to their contribution in case there are not enough contributors. For that they will just need to post a message with their limit (so others may anticipate their costs).


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My limit is 1000€.

Our budget limit for this contribution is 1500€.

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The implementation has been done on Add completion from external source (!811) · Merge requests · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

If there are not remarks by the end of the next week, we will send the invoices to each contributor.

Do not forget to watch the video on Record creation helper - #11 by ced