Sponsoring of 2 weeks to write the documentation


A frequent request is to have more documentation on Tryton.
And despite have rules like Require documentation update for any new feature to get more documentation, we are still far (<40%) from having documenting the basics of all the modules.
So my proposal is to spend 2 business weeks this summer to work as much as possible on (by priority):

  1. Review and finish documentation merge request
  2. Complete modules documentation following: Tryton - Documentation Guidelines
  3. Move Migration - Tryton Discussion to https://docs.tryton.org/
  4. Move some Howto - Tryton Discussion to https://docs.tryton.org/
  5. Write landing page for each icon on https://www.tryton.org/


The budget is fixed to 2000€ (without VAT).
The budget will be divided in equal parts between the contributors.
Contributors may add an upper limit (minimum 200€) to their contribution in case there are not enough contributors. For that they will just need to post a message with their limit (so others may anticipate their costs).
If the funding is not reached before July, the proposal will be retracted.


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