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B2CK would like to implement the Document Incoming Management feature. This will include the base modules and the typless module.


We fixed the effort to 5 days of development with the goal to be included in 7.0 series.
So for B2CK this means a budget of 3500€ (without VAT).
The budget will be divided in equal parts between the contributors.
Contributors may add an upper limit to their contribution in case there are not enough contributors. For that they will just need to post a message with their limit (so others may anticipate their costs).


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Our budget limit for this contribution is 2500€.


Is it a fixed budged (meaning that the feature will be implemented for 3500€) or the work will be done based on days of development? For me it is not clear if the money requested will increase in case of a wrong estimation and more development days are needed.

It is a fixed price.

Our budget limit for this contribution is 1500€.

Great we have 5 participants so it will be a cost of 700€ each.
@HTS, @Nicolas, @tbruyere, @sergyo and @timitos could you send me at sales@b2ck.com the coordinates (and VAT number if you have one) to address the invoice once the development is done.
And do not forget to watch Document Incoming Management to get updates.

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The develop is complete on Add document incoming module (!598) · Merge requests · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

If there are not remarks within 15 days, we will send the invoices to each contributor.