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Following Chat functionnality on resources, we would like to implement the chat feature but without the “real-time” behavior for now.
So it would allow to post message on a channel per document that will be distributed to subscribers through the proper channel (for now email but with the idea to be able to extend it later). There will be also the possibility to post private message that will only be visible by actual users.
The message will not be threaded (in order to work with any channel) but displayed in chronological order.
An email gateway will allow to post a message by answering to the notification email. Only the text version will be used and try to remove the quoted text.

The biggest part is the design of the widget in both clients. The idea is to have a posting form on top and below the messages with the latest on top.
The chat widget will be shown on demand next to the form (like the preview of attachments).
The list of message will be read-only with an option to see meta-data.


We have estimated the effort to 10 days of development.
For B2CK this means a budget of 5000€ (without VAT).
The budget will be divided in equal parts between the contributors.
Contributors may add an upper limit (minimum: 500€) to their contribution in case there are not enough contributors. For that they will just need to post a message with their limit (so others may anticipate their costs).


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