Solution to manage tax identifier types

All tax identifier types should be made available to the user. There was some discussion about this problem.

One solution could be to allow the administrator to select tax identifier types during the party configuration to be made available to the user and store “enabled” identifier types in a model.

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One option is to include a multiselection widged on the accounting configuration to allow to select the identifier types that will be used as tax identifier, which will allow to remove the currrent hardcoded value.

oh it’s hardcoded in 2 places. @ced has pointed out in the party module too

I have implemented all available identifier in python-stdnum: Issue 7906: Include all identifier from python-stdnum - Tryton issue tracker
I also set some as tax identifier (those referenced by python-stdnum as vat).

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It will be great if everyone could check that for the countries they know, it is correct to use the selected identifiers.

Hi @ced, I’m wondering if it would be nice to also have the tax identifier format inside the identifier model. Something similar as iban field at Bank module.

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