Simplify the support of the European One-Stop Shop


Since 1th July 2021, the OSS taxation is applied. This means that the threshold is reduced to 10000€ so many SME will need to apply the tax rate of the European destination country.
This can be easily achieved with the account_tax_rule_country module. But the user will need to create the corresponding taxes(regular and lower rate) for each European country and add the corresponding rule line.
Also it may happen that a goods in your country is applied the regular rate but for the foreign country it is the lower rate.


We add to the account module a new type of taxes percentage_reference and a new model which contains:

  • name: Char translatable
  • rates: One2Many:
    • start_date, end_date: Date
    • rate: Numeric (14, 10) required

From account_eu we fill the with historic for the EU countries (using Taxes in Europe Database v3).

We create a new module account_tax_rule_product which adds the product, template and accounting category as pattern for tax rule.