Show list of categories on landing page

When you go to you just see a list of topics. For users it can be cumbersome to find a topic they are interested in.

What you see with lots of other projects is that they have split the landing page with a list of categories on the left and a list of topics on the right. It’s the same page a

Is this something to use also here on the forum as it eases finding topics?

I do not understand how it eases finding topics.
Also it will not be great to loose the topic list index and get always the category index but indeed registered users can choose their homepage.
But I understand that it will may guide better new comers to post at the right place if they see the different categories upfront.

So running the configuration wizard there are multiple options for the homepage:

  • Latest Topics
  • Categories Only
  • Categories with Featured Topics
  • Categories and Latest Topics
  • Categories and Top Topics
  • Categories boxes
  • Categories boxes with Topics

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