Should run-tests report something on import error of modules?

Sometimes I introduce an error in my testing code that doesn’t get detected because there is an Error importing modules. For example a typing unitest instead of unitttest. What happens then is that the modules do not get loaded and 0 tests are run but no error is reported by

I have modified to print the exception ImportError on the method modules_suite method.

It is useful for me and saves me sometime to correct some errors on my tests. But I doubt it is a correct solution. I am not sure if there are legitimate reasons if ImportErrors occur nothing should be done.

When I introduce those kind of errors that cause an ImportError 0 tests are run and no error are reported.

I use -m module_name to run the tests.

This comes from trytond: 2e9535f0d076 which are the old days when we were looking for files and tried to import them in many ways.
I think we could let the exception be raised now. Please make a proposal.