Shipment grouping basics

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here comes a new one from the popular “basic usage” series. :sunglasses:

I installed the sale_shipment_grouping module, and at
menu > sale > settings
set “sale shipment grouping method” to “standard”.

My hope was that now several unprocessed orders for the same customer would be grouped in one single, but that does not happen.

So: What can this module do and how do I use it?

Thanks a lot in advance, Wolf

That is what the modules does but just when the shipment is created.

If you have several shipments created before the grouping is set to Standard (or even the module is activated) you must manually remove the existing system.

This will automatically reprocess the sales and create new ones grouped.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for taking care.

I installed this module months ago and had several shipments processed since then. Never two were grouped.

Does another condition exist I may not have fulfilled yet?

They should be planned for the same day, otherwise they are not grouped.

Ah, alright, this works.

So I need to

  1. check if pending shipments are in the system
  2. set them to today’s date if you want them to be grouped into a new shipment
  3. create a new sale & shipment
  4. deliver

Steps 1 and 2 can be automated:

menu > Administration > Scheduler > Actions
choose ‘Reschedule Customer Shipments’ and set the interval of your choice. Then all waiting shipments are re-planned for today’s day.

There is a schedule dtask you can create that will plan all past shipments to today.
So there is no need to do that manually. You just need to create such scheduled task and decide at which time it should be executed.

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