Shipment Costs Module & Bank Transfer Fees

Hi! Should I use the purchase shipment cost module or should I use the landed cost module for the incoming shipments from the supplier? If I should use the landed cost module, then what is the use case for the purchase shipment cost module? The supplier and the company is both in the same region.

For the second part. When a payment is made through wire transfer to a different bank than the company’s bank, a fee is charged to the the company’s bank account. I log this into the ledger by creating an account move entry. First move is to log the debit to the expense account and credit to the payable account on the expense journal. Second move is to log the debit to the payable account and credit to the cash (bank account) account on the cash journal. Is this correct? Is there a module that would take the wire transfer fee on payments to this automatically?

Thank you!

Hi Arkusix,

Do you find that the documentation, which you can find here and here, does not provide enough explanation?

Or did you not find them easily?

Only the one on purchase shipment cost module. I believe I am too slow to comprehend it.

On one of my test deploys, I used the landed cost module. After a purchase order was processed, I created a new invoice for the carrier party and then added the corresponding shipment. I could then pay the invoice and recompute the cost, if I had to. With purchase shipment cost module, I can assign the costs to the shipments on purchase, and so is it the only thing that it does?

The module purchase shipment cost is good for the case where you know at the reception of the goods the carrier cost. This cost is added to the goods directly at reception.
The module account stock landed cost is to use to book other costs that you do not know yet when you receive the goods (like custom taxes).
Finally module account stock shipment cost is to add to the cost of goods sold, the real shipment cost once you receive the carrier invoices for your customer shipments.

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I was misled by the ‘Shipment Cost’ view added via account_stock_shipment_module, I’m to blame here.

To further clarify.
A purchase order is made, the supplier created the invoice for the product. Shipment was done through a third party carrier. The supplier charged for the product + shipping fee. A payment amounting to product + shipping fee is made to the supplier (wire transfer fee incurred). The shipment was then received along with the receipt/paid invoice for the shipment. According to local law, there would be no tax credits from shipping services.

So, with landed cost module (of which I misused), I have to create a new invoice for the shipment, relate the shipment to the invoice and then post the landed cost, the cost price can then be computed accordingly. This, though not entirely correct, gives the correct result. But I would like to use the proper module.

With the purchase shipment cost module, I can put the costs on the incoming stock move. From this point, I am not sure whether I should create a new invoice for the carrier or whether I should just put ‘shipping’ service product into the supplier invoice from the very first place. I think I may have overlooked something that should have been simple.

It depend do you receive an invoice from this carrier? If yes, you must book the invoice.

Is the supplier put such line on his invoice? If yes, you must book it on the invoice.