Sharing bookmarks with other users

Currently the bookmarks (saved search criterias) are only available for the current user.
There are some bookmarks that can be reused by other users accessing the same model.
Furthermore, it will be great that the system administrator can create bookmarks so advanced filters can be easly reused with all of the users on the system.


I thought we already discussed that but I could not find any thread.
I think only administrator should be allowed to define global bookmarks otherwise it will become quickly a mess.
So we could remove the required on user and include empty user in the get_search result. But the problem is how to delete with the suppression of a global bookmark by a standard user. Maybe it could be done by no consider global search as a match. So the star will not be activated and user may not delete it.

Probably we discussed that in person as I also have the feeling that is something that we discussed some time ago.

Ok, I think this will be a good improvement so far.

Makes sense, if the start is not checked the user may know that its a global bookmark an that it’s not possible to modify it.

But then the user may want to check the star to bookmark it which will result in multiple identical bookmark. So I think it will be better to check the star but make it insensitive.

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Here is Issue 9515: Allow sharing view search to all users - Tryton issue tracker which implements it.

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