Setup gnuhealth federation server

I am new to tryton and gnuhealth system. I want to setup gnuhealth with tryton on three PC which has ubuntu 22.04 version and use same wifi connection. I install gnuhealth system on three PC with tryton and postgresql. I consider one as a main server and another two as a local server. Now i want to insert patient data or other data on a local server and want to the data is available on main server.I want it as a distributed system.Is it possible?if possible than please help me by giving your suggestion.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Tarannom,

you could probably receive more specific advice on GNU Health mailing lists: GNU Health - Mailing Lists [Savannah] .

To federate data between several HMIS instances you may want to have a look at the federation server: GNU Health/Federation Technical Guide - Wikibooks, open books for an open world


To me for only three clients federation sounds a bit overdone. I’s go with three clients and a single server.
Anyhow, I never user GNU Health, so maybe it has some specialties which recommend federation even in small setup?

I think you misunderstand how Tryton works. Tryton uses the Client-Server model. So you setup a server and install Tryon-server on it. On the PC’s you install only the Tryton-client.

In short: As you said you have one as ‘main-server’. The other PC’s can connect directly to the ‘main-server’. Use in the login dialog as ‘hostname’ the ip-address or the name from your ‘main-server’.

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Is it a kind of experiment ? any real requirement behind such a synchronization need ?

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Thanks for suggestion. But i don’t want to directly connect to the main server from another device. I want to insert/delete data in one database server and that change of information will be updated to main database server.

Yes. At this moment I want to develop such a system so that it could be use for large companies in future.

Please share your insights, I’d be eager to learn about your experiences.