Set up notification for low stock and mature bills

Hello everybody,
I saw that there is a notification feature in tryton, but I could not find out how to set up notificatíons when

  • a stock level gets under the level defined in “order points”,
  • bills reach the date of maturity

Practical hints for the dummy would be appreciated.


I do not think it is possible to define a trigger for such temporal event.
Any way there is no point for such notification because stock level is managed by the replenishment of stock supply module and maturity date by the dunning modules.

Thanks for clarification.
I think, a flexible and powerful notification feature is essential for ERM. Dolibarr e.g. has got it. In my small enterprise, I’d like to be notified about:

  • stock levels under order points
  • customers’ bills becoming mature
  • suppliers’ bills becoming mature
  • tax payments becoming mature
  • tax declaration and other periodical legal obligations are coming close

I’m not certain whether it makes sense to implement the last two in tryton, but at least the first three I think should. I guess, there are quite some more of these issues I’m not aware of.


Such notification exists, it is the records of purchase/production requests and the dunnings.

Thank you for your attention. Unluckily, I have no idea how things can be set up. Is there any docu on that available?

The stock supply of order point can be setup as scheduled task, the documentation of the module has not yet been updated to the new standard: Stock Supply Module — trytond_stock_supply latest documentation
But the dunning wizard must still be run manually: Account Dunning Module — trytond_account_dunning latest documentation