Set the From email header in email templates

Is it possible to set the From email header in the email templates?

Or is this a feature idea/request?

When a user sent an email from the GUI, its email its used as reply to, so the receiving user will forward the reply to the user who sent the email.

If the user does not have any email the default form is used as form and for getting the reply

To understand how it works it is simpler to check
But basically if the domain is the same as the sender, it is kept otherwise it is sent on-behalf-of.

Thank you both, but does this mean that it’s not possible to set a specific email address in the from header from the template?

The reason is that we don’t want emails to come from the user; we want the email to come from a “shared” or “service” email address.

As we put the user signature in the email, I do not think we want to allow users to impersonate others.
But from your description, it sounds more like automate emails that can be managed with notification_email module.

Yes, I think you are right. I was being obtuse about the idea that the user should have a specific button to send this particular email, but it makes sense that it is automated on a change of state.

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