Set newline (EOL) to a txt report

Hi everyone!

I’m working on an txt report. Very similar as account_es does. I’m wondering if the newline character could be setted from the Report. I need it to be \r\n (CR LF).


If you need a specific EOL, normally just using it in the template should preserve it.

Hi @ced! Thanks for the help. Finally I added the EOL calling a method of the report. The expresion of the template looks something like:

{% for record in records %}${format_decimal(record.amount)}${}${get_eol()}{% end %}\

I do not see the point of calling a method if it is always the same EOL that should be set.

Hi! I added \r\n at the template as you said, but instead of printing EOL, it prints the characteres \r\n. If I added with a method of the reports it works as expected.

For example, if the template would be something like:

{% for record in records %}${format_decimal(record.amount)}${}\r\n{% end %}\

The reports prints:

000012345NAME LASTNAME\r\n000067891NAME LASTNAME\r\n

You must indeed put the real \r\n chars with your editor.

:man_facepalming:got it! thanks! I work with vim. Here is an explanation how to achieve it with vim editor.

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