Set Name of form fields in odt dynamically

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I am back with a question about relatorio:

Is it possible to dynamically set the names for form inputs.
I have a list of objects that is listed in a table in a odt document. For each object I want to provide a select field for a user to select one of three different options.

In order to later automatically process the returned PDF I would like to add individual names to each form input in each iteration of the list.

Is this possible?

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As far as I know LibreOffice does not support to convert input fields into form in PDF.

Hi Ced,

It does. See for example here:

I want to use a pdf form with the email function as shown in the video…

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I do not think the PDF Form conversion is available in command line. But this needs to be tested and I would see no problem to add this option if it is possible.

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as far as I know, you may generate a settings XML-File in your local GUI Libreoffice and copy that to the headless system. It will then use the respective settings. You will, therefore, have to configure the PDF Export with form and move that config to the headless server. See e.g.:

What I now need from relatorio is the option to set the name of the form input field dynamically.

Currently the name is static:

May I set this name dynamically for each repetition of the for loop?

Thanks for your help!

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relatorio does not look at those element but this could be improved.

I am not a really good programmer. Is there something I can do to support this feature?

It might serve other people as well, since it will then allow generating PDF forms and automatically analyzing any returned documents in the system…

Well it will require to analyze all the possible form entries and define a syntax to make some attributes evaluated by relatorio.
I guess the best is to hire someone to do that for you.