SEPA payments to suppliers with multiple bank accounts always to first bank account

Apparently there is a substantial regression in migrating from OpenERP to Tryton regarding supplier payments where the supplier has multiple bank accounts.
There seems no way to select the bank account, either on the invoice or on the payment.
Has anybody fixed this, perhaps as in OpenERP by adding the bank account selection directly on the supplier invoice in additional info which has worked just fine for years.


I checked how SAP manage that. By default it does like Tryton does it pick the first bank account. But it has an optional “vendor bank information” for vendor invoice that can be filled to force to use a specific bank account.
Now I’m wondering if it could not be implement with a rule/match mechanism. E.g. a criteria could be the currency, the invoice journal, the payment journal etc. This would remove the constraint on filling the bank account on each invoice for supplier who has more than one. (Automation is always better).

One of the primary reasons there needs to be an override possible on invoices is for credit cessions (cession de créances).

When a supplier transfers [ownership of] an invoice to a financial institution (typically a bank) for garantee or an advance of funds, the transferee notifies the debitor of such transaction and communicates the bank account information to which payment must be made.

Not all invoices are necessarily conceded in this manner, or perhaps not all invoices to the same financial institution.

Also, in the case of long term projects, it may be all the invoices of a contract that are involved.

A generic term for this is perhaps ‘third-party receivers’.

BTW - there is also a very similar case for court-ordered third-party receivers, such as seen in bankruptcies.

It is perhaps for some nice to have a rule-based system to select by default a bank account on these invoices, as long as there is, pragmatically speaking, a means to directly select the appropriate bank account (that is because cessions very frequently happen after communication of the invoice to the client).


Finally, I think that a rule system will not be practical because it is the supplier decision and we can not know what are its rules (just like payment term does not work neither).
So the feature would be to add a bank account field on supplier invoice or customer credit note linked to the party (and to the company on other types). But in order to manage payable encoded without invoice, the field should also be added on account move line and to the payment for when it is not linked to a line.
But also in order to support other payment means which does not involve bank account (e.g. Paypal account, crypto-wallet etc.), I think it should be a reference field.
The payment process should not raise an error if this field does not contain a valid mean for the payment journal method.

To support assignment of accounts receivable, there will be too options:

For security reason and privilege separation, we can not allow on the invoice to select any bank account.

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How would this work, then, for cases such as advances made to employees - who are neither suppliers nor customers.
That is, there is not [yet] a move line… in this such case there is first the treasury move from bank, then finally a move (typically from payroll) when the advance is reimbursed.

Anyway to advance on this (with our credits?)… this is killing us (well… it’s a PITA)

I’ve filled Issue 8990: Allow to select the customer bank account used for sepa payments - Tryton issue tracker which sound like this but for customer payments

Maybe we may find a similar solution for supplier payments