SEPA payment - which type of Journal?

I’m trying to find my way through the SEPA payment module. After some setup (hopefully good enough), I tried to create a payable payment. Here I need to select a Journal, but neither get a choice, nor can I create a new journal.

These are available journal types at present in my system:


Is there a missing one, or did I miss some other config?

Thanks a lot in advance, Wolf

Normally you create a Payment Journal for each bank account you want to generate SEPA Payments. You must create them in the payments configuration under the accounting menu.

Ah, thank you, got it.

How do I now continue?
Before, I created a payment method “SEPA”, and did a “pay” command at a supplier invoice. What do I still have to do in order to get a SEPA XML which I can upload to my bank?

(Whole process, of course, will be condensed into Tryton community wiki.)

Thanks a lot in advance, Wolf

You do not need to pay it from the invoice, but create a payment from the lines to pay under the payments menu. From there you will be able to group several payments and process them using the journal.

Once done you will be able to download the SEPA file from the group and upload it to the bank.

Altought it does not include any usage description, the account_payment module documentaion may be interesting to understand what are each model user for.

Thanks for your support. With your help, I could create a xml file, this actually contains my payment info. (:

But my bank does not want it and throws this error message:

file does not follow XML schema: 
customer id: 586
filename: 0586_XCEBBE1_ _20240328_1711630616889.XM

So I changed the xml file name to ‘0586_XCEBBE1_ _20240328_1711630616889.XML’, but that doesn’t help. Before, I asked the bank for correct SEPA pain values under payment journals, so these should be correct.


(xml file converted to pdf)
anonymized.XML.pdf (21,6 KB)

Do you have a more detailed error from your bank? Most of the time there is, or at least you can send them the xml file and ask for which is the specific error.
What do you mean by “I asked the bank for correct SEPA pain values under payment journals”? Did the bank provide you some example file or values we can compare? Can you ask the bank which is the schema you should be providing?

Bank said that experts are no longer in house. So I’ll come back to this after easter holidays.
Thanks a lot so far!


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