SEPA payment: Where to insert "reason for payment"?

I’m nearly done with the description for the SEPA payment process. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you to all who helped so far. Two questions are remaining:

  • Is there a way to fill in the “reason for payment” aka “note to payee” ? - I did not find such.
  • Similar: I think it would be smart to use the suppliers’ invoice description for this purpose; at least I’m using it to write down supplier’s invoice number there. Does that make sense - and can it be obtained somehow?


There is a description field on the payment. You can use such field to include the reason for payment.

Thank you, Sergi.
Right, I found the “reference” field at suppliers’ invoice, inserted supplier’s invoice number there, and actually it is forwarded all through the process to my bank. That’s good.

But now:
Tryton’s supplier’s invoice number appears at “reason for payment” ( field) as well, which I’d not want. And worse: It’s put in square brackets, which my bank (and I guess at least most German banks) rejects. Can I avoid forwarding my internal Tryton’s supplier invoice number? I think the user should have the choice.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Should we consider this as a bug?