SEPA-payment: How to finish a payment?

After having walked through the whole process, I end up with a “payable payment” unter financials > payments. After processing the xml at the bank, I can set this payment to “succeeded”. I expected that status of the related invoice(s) would change to “paid” - but it does not. What did I miss?

Thanks a lot in advance, Wolf

If you have sent SEPA payment request to the bank, you “succeeded” with sending the payment. The processing time of the SEPA, may depend on the due date, and the internal banking time. So as you did not receive instantly the money with SEPA payment method, you can not set the invoice as paid.

When you receive the money, you will have a line in your bank statement, so you will import that with the account_statement and for each origin you’ll select the invoice/invoices that are paid with that amount. So, when you post the statement, the invoice may become partially or full paid.

Thank you for your care.

I may not have been clear enough. I understood that issuing the payment at the bank makes my supplier happy. But in my own accounting, the invoice is still not flagged as “paid”. Do I have to do this manually at suppliers’ invoices?

Sorry, I still miss something. I explained for customers, but the same applies for suppliers.
The accounting does not depend on if you used SEPA or regular transfer or card or whatever.
To mark invoice as paid, there are 2 ways:

  • Use invoice payment methods. You will use the button on the invoice “Pay” to set each invoice as paid.
  • Statements. When you import the banks statement, you will match each payment to supplier or customer to the specific invoice. Here you have rules, which can help you concile quicker.

There is a third option, which is using account_payment_clearing module.

With this module it is possible to define a clearing account for payments. This means that when the payment is succeed a new move will be created with the amount of the payment to this clearing account. This will reconcile the invoice and mark it as paid.

Also the statement is extended to select the clearing account as conterpart when econding a line related to the payment (instead of the original line to paid).

Thank you for your kind support, sorry I’m always so slow these days.

At the moment, I like best Sergi’s approach, so I installed the module, set up a clearing account and a journal. Now, when flagging a SEPA payment as “success”, I get a move onto the clearing account. But invoices are not marked as “paid”, so what am I still missing?

Thanks a lot in advance, Wolf