Sending multiple email

Hello, I wanted to propose an improvement that I do not know if it is possible. The idea is as follows: in the list of invoices or sales to be able to select several invoices or sales and to be able to send or forward them by email without having to do it one by one.

Thank you

But there is no guarantee that all the records must have the same destination.
I think it will be error-prone to allow such behavior.

Indeed I think it will be better to use email notification and have Re-send email notification feature.

In my case, which is the reason why I speak, I have clients who have many sales or several invoices from the same client (20 - 30 sales for example) and they find that they have to press as many times as sales. I have thought of automating the process that when validating is sent automatically, but the client later wants to claim debts from all the sales and would like to be able to resend everything at once or even if he has several sales made, send them all at once to all the clients.

So, if I understand correctly you want to send one email with 20 - 30 reports as attachment?

I think you have to create a own custom module for that with an wizard. You select a whole list of sales or invoices and start the wizard. This will group the records based on the party and send each party one email with all the report of each records as attachment.

You can do that with notification_email.

This is the job of account_dunning module.

This will be doable with notification_email if Re-send email notification is implemented.

But the idea is: if I have 30 invoices / sales selected that I can send them all at once (to each party with their email from the file) and not one by one.

For example, where I worked before, we were generating delivery notes and at the end of the month all delivery notes that have been generated were selected and sent.

Why generating them manually (and at the end of the month) while they can be directly sent automatically when the delivery note is sent?

I know that it can be sent when generating the delivery note or when accounting, but not all clients are the same and not all work in the same way.

That is why I comment on the possibility of being able to select several sales or invoices and when pressing send all the marked ones are automatically sent.