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I just installed flask-tryton from PyPI (flask-tryton · PyPI) and put the example code into a Python file and started the server. Everything works except the users route. Using an url like http://localhost:5000/users/1,4 gives an HTTP 200 but no data.

Did a bit of digging, and it seems the ids got lost somewhere in the flask-tryton package. I’m using Python 3.9.6 with Tryton 6.4 and flask-tryton 0.11.0

I’m certainly missing something here. But what?

Indeed the converter for records is no more working on Python3: Bug 19: Records converter loosing ids - flask-tryton tracker

Thanks for looking into it, but I cannot get the patch from the review even if I logged in but got Account not yet validated.

I uploaded on a public instance.

That was an easy fix :+1: Works perfectly now. Thanks for looking into this so fast!

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