Seeking Advice: Simplifying Stock and Billing Management for Consignment Shops

Hi all,

I’m selling a book and I’m struggling to find a simple way to manage stock and billing for consignment shops.

I’ve created multiple storage locations grouped under a view called “resellers” to track how many books I have left in each store. However, after a few months, when I need to bill the shop for a few books, I find myself having to create a sale transaction. The problem is, the shipment can only leave my main stock because the resellers are not categorized as “Warehouses”.

Using a Warehouse for each seller seems a bit overkill, considering the input/output processes involved, etc.

What would be the simplest way to:

Monitor the stock present at each reseller
Send a bill, deducting items from their stock each month based on the month's sales?

Thanks for your help!

You can use the Stock Consignment Module which is based on stock moves to create customer invoice lines.
For now there are some limitation on this module. For me it is mainly the price computation which is very basic. But Stock Consignment Module — Tryton module to manage consignment stock may improve the situation.

I’m sorry, but despite installing this modules, I still don’t understand how to configure this. This is a simple tree structure that I’m using:

 - My entreprise (warehouse)
  - My workshop (storage)
 - Resellers (View)
  - Reseller 1 (storage)
  - Reseller 2 (storage)
  - ...

How would you suggest evolving this to be coherent with Tryton logic?

The objective is to be able to produce a bill for reseller 1 which in the same times removes items from their storage.

The reseller locations must be under the customer locations.

You must manually remove the item from the reseller storage by using internal shipment.
This will trigger the creation of the invoice.