See margins per product report per days


I want to customize margins per product report, using days of weeks to show the quantity of saled products in each day. Any idea how to do it?


When you open the Products / Reporting / Margins per Product report you will get one entry per product showing the total for the interval selected.

You need to enter this record by using enter, space or double-click.

Then you should get a list with one record per period (day, month, year).
You can change the period, after which you need to refresh in order to update the list.
Ex. One record per day, one per month or one per year.

Attention: To enter the record is not the same as switching view (Control+L or click Switch-View) in this case.

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If you mean per week day, you need to create a new class using the reporting Abstract and add a week day field that is filled by extracting the week day in SQL from the effective date.

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