Search widget behaviour

Im having problems with the search bar filtering records, I have a Char field which contains a file path: path = fields.Char('Path'), (ex: /example/path_to/file).
So, if the user wants to filter all the records from “path_to” (notice the ‘_’), using the syntax "Path": path_to returns nothing, so after reading:

I see that the default operator in my case is ‘ilike’ and it acts as a starts with.

but for me thats not a starts with at all:

My question is, how can I filter the record with ‘_’ in the string?
for example in the tryton demo i’ve renamed a product with A3_Paper_250, how could I found this exact product? (without searching the exact name) I’ve tried with:


In my case, searching: "Path": %path_to% works fine but I don’t think the user should be searching like this.

_ is the single wildcard when % is multiple wildcards.
So if you really want to match with something containing _, you must escape it with \_.

Here is an improvement of the documentation: Improve documentation about escaping wildcards (!1182) · Merge requests · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

Well, in my opinion using/escaping wildcards is not friendly with the user, and I think they will find more problems because of not knowing how this works, than taking advantage of it. Anyways, thank you for the documentation update now Its clear for me.