Search on categories

I there a way to search in fullname of categories ?

  - Cat2
    - Cat3
  - Cat2
    - Cat3

I want to know if Cat1 / Cat2 / Cat3 is present ? This on client or by domain query (in code).


Yes the TreeMixin used for record name of category has an implementation of the search_rec_name.
So you can search on “Record Name” as usual.

I answer to my self, with rec_name for domain query (my first test don’t work, i din’t know why, but now it works)

In the Tryton client if I write ‘Cat1 / Cat2 / Cat3’ in search zone, it doesn’t return anything, what is the correct syntax to search in ‘record name’ ?

You must search on the list and not the tree.

Ok, the query need double quote "Cat1 / Cat2 / Cat3".

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