Schweizer Kontenplan

Is there an Swiss chart of account for Tryton?

There is no Swiss chart of account in the standard set of modules. But it will be welcomed.
If someone is going to work on it, he should take care of Issue 4990: Merge account type and account kind - Tryton issue tracker.

We would like to pay someone. Offers welcome.

Is there a standard chart available somewhere? What are the kind of taxes that applies in Switzerland? Is the tax report also available somewhere?

Yes of course. It calls Schweizer Kontenrahmen.

Those are the taxes:
Normalsatz: 7,7 % (sta dard rate)
reduzierter Satz: 2,5 % (reduced)
Sondersatz: 3,7 % (special)

Prices are roubded to the next 0.05 but tryton is doing this well.

Well we prefer to work with official standard than relying on the data of competitor software.

I guess it is VAT. Is not there any auto-liquidation?
What about report? What are the accounts to use?

Well that’s not simple see Issue 1000: Rounding for CHF - Tryton issue tracker

Hello everyone,

I am curious if anyone realized the Schweizer Kontenrahmen as discussed above?