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I was trying to mount the kalenis-frontend sao theme (from your Github repository) on my local instance and I got it working but without all the features that you show in your demo. All our users are really missing the right click and resizing columns, these two features are the ones they really need before switching to the web client. It would be great if the core team consider implementing these tools, but if it won’t happen, maybe can I get some indications on how should i proceed to implement it?


How can they miss it if they do not use it?

We are pushing them to make the change so some users started to test it, but almost all of them see these both features as indispensables to really stop using desktop client.

I can not see any standard view that have such problem.
Can you provide an example where it is needed to have such boring feature?

On one hand, the right click really allow users to do things much faster and when they really get used to use it, it’s like they can’t live without it (it also happens to me). On the other hand, you are right, mabe the resizeing tool on tree columns is not needed at all in standard modules (maybe you should removeing it from desktop client too) but in our case it is really helpfully and probablly we are not the only ones because in big enterprises with some customitations the views get larger. Anyway, I understnd that maybe you do not want to implement it, it’s ok we will make it custom.

You can always click on the Many2One and access the action menu from there.

Well maybe big enterprises should not do such bad customization that hurts the user experience. They should put some effort like we do to provide a ready to use interface.

AFAIK it’s not doable if the many2one is on a form view.

IMHO I also think it would be good to have a certain consistency between the Sao features and the desktop client.

It is. Open it with CTRL pressed.

We use the best option on each platform.

Nice, I didn’t know it.

Hi @JonatanGk , which Tryton version are you using ? Did you install from the repository or from the Downloads page?

Hi @iparszyk im using Tryton 6.0. I tried both methods (via repo and Downloads page) but same problem.

Local instance

Your demo instance

The green squares on my instance as u can see doesnt show that “vertical icon” to resize the columns

@JonatanGk Looks like some javascript files are not loaded. could you check for erros in the browser console / network requests ?

Yes some javascript and some css :expressionless: :open_mouth:

Some of them appears too without your theme. I’ll try to solve this if someone have idea about this i really appreciate some info :slight_smile: (this capture is with downloaded from your web - not repo)

Hi @JonatanGk ,
I’m guessing it’s a cache issue, because the file names don’t match the ones in the downloads folder.

I just followed these steps with no problem:

  1. Download and unzip from here:
  2. Update your conf file, example: root = /home/ignacio/data/sources/tryton6/frontend_dist_6.0
  3. Reload the browser without cache (you can check the “Disable cache” flag in devtools and reload while they are open)
  4. Don’t forget to install [kalenis_user_view module] (GitHub - Kalenis/kalenis_user_view: Allows the user to customize list views)

Hope this helps,


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Thanks seems that all works fine :slight_smile:

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