Sao.rpc does not ignore HTTP errors

In custom.js I want to make an Rpc call every 10 minutes but given that it is nothing user critical I don’t want to show any Application Error if the request fails.

Sao.rpc has the process_exception parameter which will not try to process exceptions such as UserError or ConcurrencyException.

I expected that it would also ignore HTTP errors but it does not: it will always show an Application Error if, for example, the connection to the server is lost.

Is there a way to prevent that?

Or would it make sense that process_exception ignores those errors too? Maybe an additional parameter?

Well the option is to ignore expected failure. An HTTP error is not expected.
I do not think that adding another option is needed for sao, if you don’t want the sao behavior, it is better to make your own ajax request.


Thanks for the response!