Sao menu expandable


Any objections of making the menu expandable? And should it “collapse” or hide when pressing the top left hand corner “bars” next to the word Tryton?

Or, another option, is to show a “tip” when mouse hovers over items.

Done in Issue 5554: Toggle menu for all screen sizes - Tryton issue tracker

Strange - it’s not working for me. I checked to make sure that I had the changeset and also I ran npm install --production again, but still unable to move the line between the menu and the tab window.

It only toggles between fixed sizes.

It doesn’t move at all for me and the little lines in the top right hand corner don’t move either.

Do you see a problem to make it draggable?

Perhaps it should be as wide as the widest row item and be able to hide it and unhide it.

Or at least the words appear in full on hover.

Complexity for no real benefit, users should not care about the size.

Ok, but at the moment I can’t read the items in the menu on my 13" laptop.

Putting the mouse over the menu will open a tooltip with the full name.

It does indeed - it’s just a bit slow.

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