Sample shop/webapp with self-registration?

I wonder whether there is a web-shop or another custom web-app available which could be used for own projects. Best would be if this app already supports self-registration with e-mail verification, passwort-reset and self-managing of “own Party” data.

Any pointers?

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Well, we are still maintaining nereid_webshop which consists of a fully integrated suite over nereid, a flask integration over trytond. It is still at version 6.0, migration to 7.0 is underway.

Thanks, I wanted to give it a try, but it fails with

Fault: More than one source for help of ir.rule,domain in company

even if only activating “company”. I installed it using my-venv/pip install .. Any ideas?

should be moved from dev_requirements to requirements.

Thanks, this made it work. This looks huge! Anyhow I’ll have a look at it.

If you just need

it should be sufficient to go with just nereid and the included Tryton module (which is subject to be refactored into a separate package in 7.0).

nereid_webshop comes with a lot more stuff including the whole template set for a sample webshop.