Sales - Subscription Issues

I am attempting to learn and use many aspects of the software. Technically Admin, but I don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough.

Things that work: Under Subscriptions within the Subscription tab; Everything seems to be functional.

Things I am having trouble with: Under Subscriptions within the Other Info tab; When creating a company, it seems to add duplicates.

Also, 2020-07-06 18_12_47-Window
This error message happens upon attempting to save the record, with any company in place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can only create subscription for the current company of the user.
But I suspect that you think the “company” field is the company of the customer but it is not. It is the company that is managing the subscription.

That is what I thought it was in reference to. However, I have tried it both ways with no success. The error message still pops up.

I have created new companies to test this and still this error appears.

If I’m reading this correctly, The proper company to use is the one who provides the subscription to the customer. That said, all companies have to be created from scratch as the line to add them is always blank and asks for one to be created.

When I have made them, or need to make them again: the new company when added, adds a duplicate of the prior company if the name is the same. Though I have already gone through the process of adding a company under the same name.

You must change the company of your user each time you are working for a different company.

If the company is not filled automatically, it means that your user is not defined in any company.
You must assign a company to your user before doing any business transaction.

I forgot to hit save, but went back and tried it with the same result the list does not populate:

I did not see that you have set an employee to your user.
You must go to “Administration>Users>Users” and set a main company (then you must re-loggin).

I would also add that normally you should have only one company in the system. And in case you want to manage more than one company in the same system, I would suggest you first to be familiar with a simple mono-company setup before going further.

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