Sale prints to PDF, but not Invoice

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Following @lars_wuerfel and @2cadz directions to configure the report actions for a Sale, printing now produces a PDF instead of an ODT. However, when I repeated the same procedure for an Invoice, an ODT is still generated instead of a PDF.

I believe I configured the Invoice in exactly the same way, can anyone point out what is going wrong? Do I have the wrong “invoice”?

TIA for your help.

Report Action Config for Sale and Invoice

Print Sale and Invoice

Report for posted invoice is archived when posting so it is always the same document that is returned no matter how the configuration is changed after.

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What @ced said, when you print an invoice which is not in state draft it will be cached. So every time you print that same invoice, the data is taken from cache and this cache is persistent so a restart of Tryton doesn’t help.

You can remove the cache by login into the database by hand and setting the column invoice_report_cache in the account_invoice table to Null and if that’s not working also the invoice_report_cache_id to Null. After that it should print a PDF.

I thought there is an issue somewhere which added this possibility to the admin user in Tryton to override the cache.

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Thanks @ced and @edbo. Fwiw this was sufficient (and the invoice_report_cache_id was Null already). My SQL is a little shaky, so I asked MS Copilot to write an SQL query for your instructions. This AI stuff is amazing! (but I still created a backup of the db first).

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