Running trytond-admin to update custom module

I’m attempting to add a custom module to a stock docker tryton image for 5.2.2
I’ve installed the module with python3 develop
when I try to run ‘trytond-admin -d tryton -u the_module’
it reports

OSError: Database “tryton.sqlite” doesn’t exist!

I don’t seem to be able to find the path of the trytond.config that has the postgres connection info in it
How do I supply it so trytond-admin finds the correct DB?

This works - I misunderstood the -d switch
trytond-admin -u edi_test --activate-dependencies

Although,after the update my module does not appear in the modules list in sao, nor does my model appear in the list of models. No errors are reported at
python3 develop
or at
trytond-admin -u edi_test --activate-dependencies

Any ideas about why it could be missing?

You must use --update-modules-list option when you add a new module on an existing database.