Reversed relation not shown


When creating a relation between 2 parties, the reversed relation is not shown automatically. A reload of the page is necessary.
For example, let’s say I have 2 parties. On the first one I create a relation with the second one, then save.
I click on the “next record” button and the second party page does not show the reversed relation, a reload is needed.

In my case, it works well the first time but after few tries of creation/deletion of the relations, none are shown automatically anymore.

Have you seen this behavior before ? Is there a solution ? (I am using Tryton 5.0)

Thank you

I guess what happen is that the client has already read the second party before you saved the first one. And the client keep it when you switch to the next record. This is the expected behavior from the client, this allows to have fast UI response and minimize the load on the server-side.

Now it would possible to define an on_write method to force to reload the target parties.
But it will probably better to work on Replace on_write with bus message