Reset Password link on Web Interface

How can we add a reset password link on web interface for Version 5.0? If there is any other way regarding same where in the user can set its own password by clicking on something as “Forgot Password”.

Any help will be useful.

This is not implemented but for me it makes sense to add it as default feature for both clients.

Probably we may want to show it on the login dialog.

Yes. Since the default behavior of the user is to find a link with “Forgot Password” where it can restore password on its own.

In a specific case, we use Mobile Number’s of the users for login. So I would like to implment in a manner wherein they can recieve an OTP on their mobile and then can reset their password.

for the same purpose, I had to create a separate Flask based application. But it is not a clean way to do it.

It will be great to provide a patch that implements it.

This should be done by overriding the reset_password button on the user to send the OTP to it’s mobile instead of the default email. And then login with this code.

Please try first to make a blue print because this is really not that simple. There are many problem to solve with such open feature: how to temper abuse, how to support other authentication method, how to not divulge information about users etc.
The current design was made to avoid those complication by limiting to authenticated administrator to reset the password.

Well this is simply the authentication_sms module.