Reschedule past shipments


For now, only customer shipments in ‘waiting’ state are rescheduled. Wondering if other states of shipment (‘picked’, ‘packed’, ‘shipped’) should also be recomputed as could take a long time for ending the shipment (as mentioned in this issue: Add shipped state to customer shipment (#13150) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab ) and then we have a shipment planned date in the past. (could be a problem for quantity issue module)

What are the consequences to add other shipment states in the reschedule domain ?

For me the reschedule should only do what a user could do.
For now a user can not change the planned date of a shipment once it is picked.
So maybe we should allow to edit the planned date after the waiting state as long as it is not before the date of one of its done move. In this case I think the tasks could update also non-finished shipments.

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This sounds like this proposal:

Which was not accepeted.

Never say never :wink: Should i create a new issue ?

My comment is still valid so the issue could be re-open if someone has a better solution than just make the fields writable.
Maybe it could be done with a wizard like the Modify Header on sale and purchase.

What is the benefit of having a wizard?
In sale and purchase the wizard is needed to recompute the lines data, but in the shipment the planned date is already written to moves when the shipment is updated. So for me it will just add some extra complexity.