Request for guidance on integrating Shopify webshop with Tryton

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to integrate my Shopify webshop with Tryton so that I can manage all my orders, shipments, and articles from one central location. I’ve been researching the process, but I’m a bit lost on where to start.

Has anyone successfully integrated Shopify with Tryton and can give me some guidance on how to get started?

What are the best practices to use when integrating Shopify with Tryton?

I’d appreciate any advice or guidance you can give me on this topic.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Chris,

You just need to setup the shopify connector for tryton. Make sure to read all the documentation of the module to understand the process.

Feel free to share your doubts here and we will be happy to resolve them.

Hi pokoli,

Thanks for your reply. I actually tried to read the module documentation for the Shopify webshop.

I opened an API in Shopify, got the access admin API token and put the web address and admin API token in the Tryton webshop module (Sales → Configurations → Webshops).

I also defined a payment journal and a Shopify Identifier. But in the Shopify Identifier I’m not sure which number to put there.

Also, is there a way to get feedback that I have registered/connected to Shopify correctly?

Are there other things to set up?

I would be grateful if you could provide more specific guidance or advice on how to successfully integrate Shopify with Tryton.

Thanks again for your reply.

Kind regards,

The module was designed in order to populate a Shopify store with the products you already have in Tryton and keep the products sync.

I you already have a running Shopify store you must import your current shopify products into Tryton by creating new products or editing your tryton products assigning a Shopify Identifier.

A Shopify Identifier is the unique identifier code for each item in the Shopify store, you must import that to Tryton in order to sync those items.

FTR, I’ve made a talk on 2021 about this module that maybe helps you understand something although it’s in Spanish.

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